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Spring Forest
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3 andys job b in bucket truck_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Our story

We are a local and family owned full service tree company out of Farmington Minnesota. Our mission is to respect all aspects nature while providing value to every family we serve. We strive to use, reuse, and repurpose every part of the tree itself. 

Wood Logs
IMG_3391 2_edited
IMG_3392 2
Pile of forested logs
2 andys tree during process with truck
Pile of Logs
3 andys job b in bucket truck_edited_edited
Logger cutting wood with chainsaw
4 andys tree before
Fire Wood
3 andys job b in bucket truck
Excavator moving logs in forest
Tranquil forest
Spring Forest
Forest Grass
Logger cutting wood with chainsaw
Cut Wood
Closeup of freshly cut logs

Professional Services

24 hour emergency service available 
Did you lose a tree due to a recent storm or event? We provide 24 hour emergency tree service to remove or trim your damaged trees. 

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

Tree trimming and removal

Our experienced staff can help guide you and give you options. We aim to keep the integrity of the tree, but if it is dead or creating a hazard, we can trim or remove it safely.

Stump grinding and clean up

Do you have pesky stumps in your yard? We can remove them from a fallen tree, and not only make your yard more beautiful, but we will also grind out the entire stump, take care of all the clean up, and replace with black dirt. 

Final grading 

Northwoods has the equipment and tools to help level your yard for lying sod, planting grass and improving drainage.

3 andys job b in bucket truck_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

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Project Portfolio

Here are just a few of our projects and pictures. 

5 herbies limb before_edited.jpg

Tree trimming and final grading

Farmington MN Spring 2021

4 andys tree before_edited.jpg

Dead tree removal

Apple Valley MN Spring 2021

Broken Trunk

Stump grinding

Savage MN, Oct 2020

Coming January 2023
Portable Saw Mill and services


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Farmington, MN 55024


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