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Our Story

Hi! We are so glad you are here. Northwoods Tree Service is made up of our family; Brandon, Kristin, Harper (4) and Norah (18months) When we say we are a family business, we truly mean it. Brandon has over 18+ years stumping with his father and now has a full portfolio of services and equipment to serve many of your needs. Kristin takes care of just about everything but running the chainsaw herself. Harper and Norah give you a fair quote and make sure every part of the tree is used, reused, or repurposed. Our mission is to respect every aspect of nature while providing value to every family we serve.

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IMG_3391 2_edited
Closeup of freshly cut logs
IMG_4905 2
Logger cutting wood with chainsaw
Excavator moving logs in forest
Pile of forested logs
Wood Logs
Pile of Logs
Cut Wood
Fire Wood
Tranquil forest
Spring Forest
Forest Grass
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